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  Discover the untapped power of the Internet
The Internet is bigger and better than what a mere browser allows. Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers is for developers and business managers looking to unlock the competitive advantages of nontraditional online approaches. The book first outlines the deficiencies of browsers, and then explains how these deficiencies can be exploited in the design and deployment of task-specific webbots.
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Here's a handy library of tools for writing webbots and spiders.
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  Seven reasons to read Webbots, Spiders and Screen Scrapers
 1.Gain a buttom-up understanding of what webbots are, how they're developed, and things to watch out for.
 2.Understand the mind set difference between traditional web development and webbot development
 3.Learn how to get ideas for great webbot projects
 4.Discover how PHP/CURL facilitates advanced file downloads, cookie management and more.
 5.Reenforce what you learn with projects and example scripts
 6.Learn how to leverage WebbotsSpidersScreenScraper_Libraries, the common set of libraries that the book uses to make writing webbots easy.
 7.Learn from the author's 11 year career of writing webbots and spiders.
  Write webbots, as though you had years of experience
Readers will learn how to write stealthy webbots that read email, emulate online forms, auto-authenticate, manage cookies, and handle encryption. Sample projects reinforce these new skills so that readers can create more sophisticated webbots and spiders to track online prices, create anonymous browsing environments, bid on auctions in their closing moments, and more.
home chapter list downloads target addresses updates purchase author contact
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