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Internet Strategist,
Author, Speaker, Developer

Creating competitive advantages for clients


Competitive Intelligence is more than making pictures with data you already have. CI is knowing as much as possible about your competitors and markets while developing an internal organizational knowledge base.

The Internet facilitates unique opportunities for Competitive Intelligence because it can be collected remotely, anonymously, and automatically. Furthermore, the data collected while performing Competitive Intelligence may be immediately analyzed and made actionable.



I've given Internet Strategy lectures in The USA, Eastern & Western Europe and North Africa. I've been interviewed by BBC twice and am a five-time DEFCON speaker.
Schrenk DEFCON XXI Michael Schrenk Webbots Spiders and Screen Scrapers MIchael Schrenk Linux Magazine .
s I'm a six-time DEFCON speaker. Author interview DEFCON XVII: Screen Scraping Tricks .


Michael Schrenk Webbots Spiders and Screen Scrapers Learn how specialized web agents provide organizations competitive advantages. MIchael Schrenk Linux Magazine Read about my botnet that autonomously purchased millions of dollars in cars. PHP Architech Learn the basics of developing your own webbots, spiders and screen scrapers.


European News Agencies employ me to gather and make sense of data archives. I've also conducted many weekend workshops for the VVOJ and Centre for Investigative Journalism in The UK, Belgium and The Netherlands.
Dutch/Flemish Investigative Journalist The Centre for Investigative Journalism BBC Television


Many of the web projects I do combine traditional web development with the data gathering or task aggregating nature of webbots. My background is somewhat unique in that I went to both Engineering and Art School.
Over the years, my client list has included: Foreign Governments, Russian & Ukrainian Banks, Asian Art Dealers, and Private Investigators as well as the following brands: Disney, Nike, 3M, Adidas, IBM, Kodak, Medtronic, Intel, Under Armour, Calloway Golf, AOL and BBC. Many projects are internal tools and remain private, while a few others are public.
trackrates trackrates trackrates .
Intelligence tools for Hotel Managers Enforcing business process Special Nissan financing for new graduates .


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